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Ten Friends, Fifty Years, Endless Love and Music with Ginny Pulos and Terry Butler

Ten Of Us is a journey of life as told by 10 friends and band members who have been together for over 50 years. Ten midwestern American teenagers began a folk group in 1965 and are reuniting on a tour of love, unity, and addressing aging and death with humor and inspiration. 

The film received the Uplifting Award at this year’s Awareness Film Festival in LA. It has since won 6 other film Festival awards, for best overall film, for best music, among others. The film has since won 6 other film festival awards for Best Overall Film, Best Music and more.

Production Credits

Terry Butler

executive producer

Terry Butler is the reason there is a Ten Of Us film.  It’s his spirit and love of these ten people that guides the film start to finish.

Alyson Quigley

director & editor

Alyson Quigley developed her directorial and editing talents over the last eight years.  As director and editor for the “The Ten of Us” film, her vision and creativity is the reason the documentary is receiving international acclaim. This is her first full length feature film. 

Jay Paul Daratany

film producer

Jay Daratany, lawyer and filmmaker, is founder of Deratany & Kosner in Chicago, focusing his practice on human rights issues. He is writer and producer of the feature film” Foster Boy” as well as the play “Haram! Iran!”. Jay was inducted in then LGBTQ Chicago Hall of Fame for his work with LGBTQ Youth and filmmaking.

Curt Smith

film producer

Curt Smith is currently the driving force behind submissions of “The Ten of Us” feature film to international film festivals. Prior to his work with the group he has had a successful career in social services in his hometown of Chicago, His service has included community outreach and program development within several non-profits.

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